All Songs Written By Tom Heemskerk (Mr Story)

01. The Dance Of The Cloud
02. The Golden Crystal
03. Safe Land
04. Have You Ever
05. Face Of Dead
06. Mess
07. Home Is The Place Where Your Heart Is
08. Rocking Through The Forest
09. I Took A Shower At The Latest Hour To Restore My Playing Power
10. You’re My Dream
11. No Man’s Land
12. Its Burning But My Eyes Are Still Learning
13. The Song To Make You Smile
14. Show Me Your Power
15. Where The Wind Blows
16. Het Is Triest
17. This Life
18. You’re My Dad
19. That Day Was Yesterday
20. Goodbye My Angels
21. Good Hearts Never Die
22. Did You Feel My Heart Turning
23. There Was A Girl
24. Butterfly
25. My Heart Is Searching
26. Storm
27. The Way We Follow
28. Don’t Close Your Heart To How You Feel
29. Lead Us
30. I Want To Be This Point In Time, Your Sunshine
31. Walk Into The Light Of The Future And Leave The Dark Side Of The Past Behind
32. We Went Too Fast The Future Did Know
33. Sing Along With My Incredible Songs
34. Talk To The People Through Music
35. The Faith Is Coming
36. The River Of Tears
37. So Much Pain And Grief
38. Love Is Like This
39. This Is The Song About Your Life
40. Just Something…………New
41. Did He Not Have The Time?
42. Something To Talk About
43. Walk With Peace In The Heart And Soul
44. You See The Sun Go Down In Tears
45. When You Follow The Rainbow
46. I Am The God Of Your Worst Nightmare
47. Beware Of The Silence Around You
48. Flying On The Music
49. Touched By An Angel
50. The New Wave Of Life
51. The Knight
52. Dear Angel
53. Mugje
54. All This Time
55. The Tears Of Pain
56. Coming Together
57. Song For Someone
58. Wondering Love
59. Let Them Hear Your Voice
60. Becoming
61. The Silence
62. The Dearest Grave
63. The Flame Girl
64. Waterfall Of My Inner Light
65. I Take My Soul Home In A Loving Embrace
66. Lost Soul Of The Child Gino
67. My Awakening
68. Het Speeleiland
69. Hartenlint ( Liedje Voor Jordan )
70. The Power Of Joy!
71. Self Love Is The Key Of Strength
72. My Soul Of Emptiness
73. Music Is My Savior
74. Drowning Soul
75. The Journey To My Salvation
76. Welcome Home My Dancing, Smiling, Happy, Loving inner child!
77. The Dance Of The Cloud, End Of A Life’s Chapter!
78. My Mind
79. This World
80. Welcome Back To My Clean House
81. The Way Of Water
82. Spirit Of Fire
83. Come To My Light
84. Into The Dark Forest
85. Man’s Prison
86. Right Or Wrong
87. The Peaceful Wave Of The Oceans Inner Light
88. We Need To Set Fire To The devil In Disguise
89. Every Day Every Night
90. Song For Me
91. My Heart
92. The Story Songs Land
93. Devil’s Tongue
94. The joy of writing songs about my life's journey
95. Division
96. Hate, love And back
97. Making A Life’s Choice
98. The Journey To My Peace Of Mind
99. A Piece Of A Life’s Choice
100. My 100 Songs Stories
101. Happy 50th Birthday My Dear Boss